Thursday, June 11, 2009

Images are now posted from the Freshman Physics Final Project

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Electricity Exit Project

The first segment of the Assignment Discovery "Electricity's Power" video that we watched in class focused on three professions — lightning researcher, scientist specializing in electricity in space, and a lineman.

For your assignment, you must choose one of these professions. You may also use one of the following: Licensed Electrical Contractor, Electrical Engineer, NYC Subway system worker.

Learn about the profession and write a story as if you worked in that field.

Be sure they include the following:

  • an individual worker's tasks

  • safety precautions

  • accomplishments

  • high points of the profession

Be as creative as possible. Incorporate details about the profession to make the piece exciting or suspenseful. An interview with someone who is already in that profession will certainly help your project.

You will be presenting your story to the class.

The following Web sites are good starting points for your research:

Lightning Researcher

NASA Research on Electricity